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Restoration Services

Restoration Service & Restomods

Are you looking to upgrade your classic car or truck with a more modern suspension and frame? We've upgraded many muscle cars and trucks from the 1940s through the mid 1970s. We carry industry leading chassis such as Total Cost Involved and Art Morrison dealer and more.

Reasons to have us swap Your frame & suspension:

  • 1EXPERIENCE There is a lot involved in an chassis swaps and it's easy to get in over your head.
  • 2Cost Savings We'll bid it upfront with everything you need to get the job done right. Avoiding the "unknown costs".
  • 3LS / COYOTE / HEMI SWAP If you're upgrading the chassis, now is a good time to look at the engine / transmission as well. We can take care of that too.
  • 4JOB DONE RIGHT Send us your car or truck - We'll ensure the job is completed with the utmost craftsmanship. Then send it back ready for the street or track.

Classic Car Restoration Service

At Venom Builds our experts pride themselves on transforming ordinary to extrordinary. From a basic paint job, to a full-on nut & bolt restoration, there is no job too big or too complicated. We specailize in full restorations and restomod builds.

What is a Standard Restoration?

Restoration is much more than fixing a classic car. A car restoration refers to taking the original classic car and bringing it back to life with most of the original factory parts & original style. The restoration process involves repairing the visible parts (body trim, interior, etc.) as well as repairing inner parts as well (suspension, electrical, brakes, etc.). The final product is a beautiful automobile in factory-new condition. It will look like it just came off the showroom floor.

Basic Restoration Services

Chassis Fabrication. The chassis is the foundation of the vehicle. We will repair, stretch, customize, and even fabricate new frames for any vehicle.

Suspension. Vintage vehicles often require new suspension to be installed, typically similar to what was used when the vehicle was designed back in the day.

Engine Installation. Odds are, the engine will need to be repaired or replaced. If a full replacement is necessary, we will install an engine similar to the original of the vehicle.

Body and Paint. With a vehicle restoration, we will paint your vehicle’s exterior to the color typical to what was popular when it was manufactured.

What is a Restomod Restoration?

A restomod is the restoration of a vehicle with the addition of modern parts and technology. It draws all the advancements of automobile technology from the most recent years, and not only enhances the performance, it enhances the safety of the car as well. Visit our Restomods page to learn more about the variety of vehicles we can bring back to life.

Basic Restomod Services

Suspension. Each of our vehicles has custom-build suspension fabricated to provide a smoother ride than most vintage automobiles offered back in the day.

Engine Conversion. With our restomod services comes the improvement of the size and strength of the vehicle’s engine. You have the option to choose a higher-powered engine to be installed versus what was typically under the hood when the car was manufactured.

Body and Paint. No type of paint job is out of bounds whether you decide to go with the classic look of the original vehicle, or if you decide you prefer a custom color combination.

Interior. Based on your preferences, you can choose to have any type of material installed on the interior of your vehicle. You can choose between leather or cloth material for your seats and doors, and typically leather is installed on the dash boards.

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With Venom Builds, you’re getting undeniable quality craftsmanship with each project. All restomod work is conducted by seasoned professionals who have specialized in restoring classic cars from 1965-1968. If you’re ready to take the next step in getting the classic car of your dreams, get started today.

About Venom Builds

The Midwest’s premiere shop for custom builds, restorations, LS / Coyote swaps & chassis upgrades

At Venom Builds, our goal is to make your dream a reality. Your vision for a high-end, classic restomod is our passion. By blending classic nostalgia with modern-day technology, each car is built to be a daily driver providing comfort and reliability. Located in Lewiston, Minnesota Venom builds is one of the premiere builder & restoration shops in the Midwest.