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Custom Restomod Builder

A resto-modification, “restomod,” is the full restoration of both the interior and exterior of a vehicle with the addition of modern parts and technology. Popularity for restomods has grown over the years due to their draws on all the advancements of high-end automobile technology and customizable options. These features not only enhance the vehicle’s performance, they improve the safety of the car as well.

Why Restomod Your Classic?

  • 1Reliability Stop fixing and start driving. The relability of the restomod is much improved over carbureted cars with drum brakes and leaf spring suspension. Giving you more time in the seat and less time in the garage.
  • 2Performance Performance of a restomod is more than just high horse power. The options of the restomod improve the power, transmission, chassis, brakes, steering, traction and more.
  • 3Handling The Term "land yacht" applies to many cars of the muscle car era. Super fast in a straight line, but you better have your foot on the brake 1/2 mile ahead of any curve. Restomod suspension dramatically improves the all aspects of the handling.
  • 4Drivability Upgrading the entire driveline to modern crate engines, transmissions and suspension improves the overall handling adding to a much better driving experience.

Resto-modifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Suspension enhancements
  • Brake enhancements
  • Power steering
  • High-powered engine
  • Custom paint
  • Custom interior options

Restoring classic automobiles is our passion. We have performed restomods to various vintage Ford Mustangs over the years, but our specialties encompass all the classics. Check out the list of vehicles we have extensive experience with. We are in no-way limited to just these models.

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At Venom Builds, our goal is to make your dream a reality. Your vision for a high-end, classic restomod is our passion. By blending classic nostalgia with modern-day technology, each car is built to be a daily driver providing comfort and reliability. Located in Lewiston, Minnesota Venom builds is one of the premiere builder & restoration shops in the Midwest.