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Custom Painting

Classic Car Painting

Venom Builds offers full-body paint services for your classic car. Whether you wish to completely restore your classic vehicle, or if it’s in need of some serious paint work, we’ve got you covered. The process of correctly applying paint to any vehicle is a long, precise process that takes years of experience to perform correctly.

WHy have us paint your car?

  • 1We ONLY do Classics Unlike body shops that are used to late-model cars - We're used to fixing 40-70 years of issues making them right.
  • 2We're Meticulous If you need it done next week - we're not the shop for you. It will be done, when it's done right.

Our Painting Process:

Stip it down
A quality paint job starts on the suface. We strip to bare metal, and start over by first removing everything, then replacing any metal that is questionable.

Our process begins by applying epoxy primer to the bare metal of the body. Followed by several coats of buildable for a smooth base.

Block sanding
Once the primer is dried, we will sand the vehicle with a heavier sandpaper, then a lighter sandpaper to remove any waves in the paint and give it a smoother feel. The final sand, the finest-grit sandpaper, will give the body a seamless look and feel.

Following the sanding, we will clean the body with special soap and water. This step is to remove any dust left behind to make sure the surface is squeaky clean.

Now it’s time to protect the car! We will apply paper to all parts that will not be painted. All the paper is taped down to ensure no paint gets onto any surface where it doesn’t belong.

Solvent cleaning
Before we can apply the base coat, we first need to apply a special solvent to remove any contaminants on the panels. Without this step, the paint would not properly adhere to the vehicle.

Base coat
Applying the base coat correctly is crucial to ensuring a smooth looking finish. Our experts will use the paint guns at the optimal psi, and properly spray the vehicle, moving around the car to maintain a “wet edge.” This means you will not end up with a dry spot at the end of the paint job.

Stripes (optional)
Before applying the stripes, we will bake the vehicle for approximately 20 minutes so the base coat can properly dry. We will use a ribbon tape to measure the stripes’ location so it does not damage the existing coat. We will then tape of the entire vehicle again to avoid overspray while applying the stripe paint.

Clear coat
Before applying the clear coat, we will remove any loose dust with a tack rag. We will then apply approximately up to 5 coats of clear.

Final step
In order for the paint to correctly set, it must stand for approximately two days before we wet sand and buff the vehicle. Our sanding process progresses 800 to 5000 grit sand paper. Once buffed to a achieved a "mirror like finish", the process is complete.

Venom Builds has the capabilities to provide the ultimate custom paint job for your vehicle. To get started, visit our Custom Build Request page for a free cost estimate. Fill out the form and provide any details including the year, make, and model of the vehicle, as well as special comments/requirements for our restomod experts. Or call us at (507) 201-4694 for more information about our custom painting services.

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