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Classic Car Restoration


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The time to restore your classic car is now. As muscle cars continue to grow in popularity, so do custom vintage restorations, completed by trained professionals. Venom Builds has the knowledge and capabilities to perform the most intricate restorations to any classic automobile, no matter the year or model. It is our mission to make your dream car into a reality, whether you choose to bring one to us or ask us to find one for you.

Though Venom Builds began its journey restoring 67-68 Ford Mustangs, we have the knowledge and capabilities to perform even the most intricate restoration on any classic automobile. From early 20th Century trucks to decades-old muscle cars, we will handle the entire restoration process with extreme care.

Featured Restoration

What is a Restoration?

The restoration of a classic car is much more than fixing what’s already broken. A car restoration means taking the car or truck and bringing it back to life. The restoration process involves repairing the visible parts (body trim, interior, etc.) as well as repairing inner parts as well (suspension, electrical, brakes, etc.). The final product is a beautiful car ready for the local show, or just a Sunday drive.

Basic Restoration Services

Chassis Fabrication. The chassis is the foundation of the vehicle. Our experts can repair, customize, and even fabricate new frames for any vehicle.

Suspension. Choose from a stock or an upgraded suspension style. 3 or 4 link rear-suspension with an ISF front suspension will completely change how your car handles.

Engine. Odds are, the engine will need to be rebuilt or replaced. Maybe you wish to add a little extra horse power.

Body and Paint. Our professionals paint each vehicle with attention to detail, ensuring a pristine show condition.

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With Venom Builds, you’re getting undeniable quality craftsmanship with each project. All restomod work is conducted by seasoned professionals who have specialized in restoring classic cars of all makes & models. If you’re ready to take the next step in getting the car of your dreams, get started today.

Interested in how our restoration process works? Check out the Our Process page for more information. Let Venom Builds put you in the driver’s seat.

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