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Chevy Pickup Restomod Builder

In the early 20th century, Chevrolet set out to design a pickup series that had a bigger, stronger, and sleeker design from its competitors. We think they succeeded. Chevy pickups are known for their “beefy” size, low ride, and ease of handling, making it the perfect competitor for a restomod. A full restomod on a classic automobile is ideal because it includes modern technology and added safety, meaning the vehicle will be road ready. Check out our most basic resto-modifications below.

Our Restomods

Body. Our professionals will strip the entire car down to a bare shell and rebuild from scratch. Every nut and bolt is tagged and bagged. The entire body is stripped of all paint and covered with all new primers, and the interior metal is repainted, and the underbody undercoated.

Drive-Train. Pick from any of our drivetrain options to meet your desired performance. As you add horsepower, you have to increase the strength of the transmission, rear-end, improve chassis strength, and improve the brake performance.

Interior. We completely rebuild the interior on all our Mustang automobiles. We will begin with sound proofing the car and installing new carpet, our Sport-R seats, a center console, and a new sound system.

Paint & Trim. All trim is re-chromed or replaced. The body is built with perfect body lines and painted to a glass-like finish. Pick from any color with or without Shelby-style stripes & emblems.

Get Started

To get the process started, fill out our Restoration Estimate Request form. Just specify your desired make, model, and year as well as any detailed specifications, and we will take care of the rest. If you have any questions regarding Venom Builds’ past or present restorations, contact us at (507) 201-4694 for more information.

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