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Custom Build Service

Custom Build Service

At Venom Builds, we specialize in upgrading classic cars and trucks by blending modern-day technology into yesterday's classic styling to produce a modern vehicle with safety, comfort, performance, and reliability. From custom hot rods to the original muscle cars to even old-school pickup trucks, Venom Builds is the custom car builder to make your vision a reality.

Utilizing our team of highly talented and dedicated craftsmen, we can build a vehicle to any style you love—from a wild restomod to a classic restoration, and everything in between! No matter if you are looking to return your classic muscle car back to its original state or are looking for a custom build from the ground, up, Venom Builds can provide personalized service for the individual customer.

Venom’s Custom Builds

No matter the size or complexity of the project, we will work with you to make your dream car a reality. A Venom Builds restomod encompases a classic vehicle’s vintage look with incorporated modern-day technology. The intent is to enhance the vehicle’s performance as well as improve the safety of the car as well. Modifications include:

  • Suspension enhancements
  • Brake enhancements
  • Power steering
  • High-powered engine
  • Custom paint
  • Custom interior options


Venom’s Kit Cars

Be part of an elite group of owners with a Venom-built kit car. Honor your favorite vehicle’s legacy by making it road ready. At Venom Builds, we will design and build high-performance, top-of-the-line kit cars to fit your needs. These vehicles have that stunning, vintage look while also staying affordable.

Venom Builds utilizes modern technology to improve every aspect of any classic vehicle. Each restomod compliments the original styling without taking away from what made the vehicle a beautiful classic. With Venom Builds, the final product says it all. Check out our photo gallery check out our past projects!

Contact Us Today

Ready to get started? Call us at (507) 201-4694 for more information, or visit our Restoration Estimate Request page for a free custom quote. Fill out the form and provide information including the year, make, and model of your preferred restomod. Be sure to include any specific details (comments/requirements) you’d like our restomod experts to consider into the cost estimate.

About Venom Builds

The Midwest’s premiere shop for custom builds, restorations, LS / Coyote swaps & chassis upgrades

At Venom Builds, our goal is to make your dream a reality. Your vision for a high-end, classic restomod is our passion. By blending classic nostalgia with modern-day technology, each car is built to be a daily driver providing comfort and reliability. Located in Lewiston, Minnesota Venom builds is one of the premiere builder & restoration shops in the Midwest.