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Kit Cars (Factory Five)

Kit Cars (Factory Five)

There is no better way to honor a vehicle’s legacy than to continue it. At Venom Builds, we will design and build high-performance, top-of-the-line kit cars to fit your needs. The best part—they have a stunning, vintage look and are also affordable.

So what is a kit car? We start with obtaining vintage or modern vehicle parts, either brand new from a manufacturer or from a single, donor car. Starting with the chassis and body, our experts will transform the vehicle parts into a fully-functioning car, all from the ground up, meaning your kit car will be unique and entirely your own. At Venom Builds, we offer two unique kit car packages, including Complete Kits and Premium Kits.

Complete Kits

A Venom Builds base kit uses parts from a single donor vehicle, typically from a historically high-performance vehicle. This is the most affordable way to build your kit car, though you can choose to purchase special parts to customize your kit.

Premium Kits

A Venom Builds complete kit includes parts from donor vehicles as well as factory-new parts, meaning we will have everything necessary to build the car. A kit car with all-new parts means you will have a classic replica with modern technology integrated into the design.

Today’s modern technology has allowed us to produce higher-quality products at a better price. These vehicles are better engineered and perform better than you could have ever imagined. We use factory engineered parts and gear, which will become the heart of your vehicle. Our kit cars also include modern-day technology including fully-automatic transmission.

Our experts will track down and purchase a donor car to fit the car you want built. We will strip the vehicle down to the parts necessary, replace any broken parts, and use them in your vehicle.

Base and Complete kit parts include:

  • Frame & chassis. Lightweight and strong, and made with precision-cut plate steel.
  • Body. This laminate composite body is made with high-quality vinyl ester resin.
  • Rear suspension. Four-link suspension, three-link suspension, or independent rear suspension.
  • Brake/fuel lines. Pre-flared brake/fuel lines, modern fuel pressure cap and adapter kit, connectors, filler neck, and fasteners.
  • Steering kit. Includes upper shaft, pillow blocks, fasteners, flange bearings, lower shaft, and u-joints.
  • Cooling system/parts. Includes electric cooling fan, thermostat, relays, mounting kit, hoses, and fasteners.
  • Engine accessories/exhaust. Custom to the style of car and engine. Can include oil filter relocation kit and exhaust assembly to adapt to fintage side exhausts.
  • Dash & gauges. Aluminium dash, padded dash cover, toggles, and indicator lights.
  • Interior details. Includes seats, door latches, review mirror, and more to resemble the historic car. Vehicle also includes optimal leg room and front/rear visibility.
  • Exterior details. Includes LED tail lights, headlights side mirrors, and more. Style, design, and paint are all resemble the historic year of the vehicle.

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Ready to get started? Call us at (507) 201-4694 for more information, or visit our Restoration Estimate Request page for a free cost estimate. Simply fill out the form and provide any details including the year, make, and model of your prefered kit car, as well as special comments/requirements for our restomod experts.

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At Venom Builds, our goal is to make your dream a reality. Your vision for a high-end, classic restomod is our passion. By blending classic nostalgia with modern-day technology, each car is built to be a daily driver providing comfort and reliability. Located in Lewiston, Minnesota Venom builds is one of the premiere builder & restoration shops in the Midwest.